Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Learn How To Install Windows OS On The Computer?

Each version of windows OS is installed successfully on a system with the help of technical instructions. While there are some important instructions in the installation procedure which can differ between versions of windows, you should follow some important steps and online guidelines that are very helpful for you to install windows OS on the system. To start windows installation process, you must configure your system to boot from A DVD or CD before applying booting instructions to the hard drive. Before booting from the hard drive, it is very noticeable that changing the booting process forces the computer to ask for installation disc.

Access the system’s BIOS set up.
Change the system’s booting order, setting DVD, CD or disc drive as the first booting device. 
If you are trying possible efforts to boot from a USB drive or a disc, you are trying to boot from A USB thumb drive.
You should save setting changes and Exit BIOS. If you have any problem, you can call online windows operating tech support team to get best technical help instantly.

Once You Have Updated Booting Order, You Can Begin Windows Installation Process.

Put the windows installation disc in CD /DVD drive or USB thumb drive into the back of the system.
Restart your PC. As PC is starting, it should ask installation disc or drive and show a message similarly to press any key to boot from the CD. 
You should click on “Press any key on Keyboard”, to have the computer booting from installation disc or drive.
Windows OS installation will begin. There will be different prompts that you will need to reply. Select either Yes or the appropriate option to install windows OS. If you are feeling any difficulty, you should call online technical support team to get best technical answers within few seconds.

Select Complete Windows Installation Button:-

You can be asked if you want to remove all contents on the hard drive, you should install windows OS. It is highly advised that you choose this option, it will format the hard drive suitably to allow windows OS to be installed.
PC restarts for many times at the time of windows installation process. The restarts are very usual and if prompted to restart, select “yes” option.
When installation process is nearly complete, windows configuration button monitor is shown. On these screen options, you may be asked to select Time Zone in which you reside, your favorite language and name of account you will use to access windows operating system. Select appropriate options and enter the correct information on each configuration screen. Thus, the process of windows OS process will be completed. If you have any error, you must call at toll free windows operating system help phone number 1-800-834-1377 for instant help.

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