Thursday, June 2, 2016

Installation of the new operating system on computer

In case, you want to upgrade the operating system, you can also try the technological concept called the dual booting. 

First determine which operating system you have to install

Checking the requirements of the system

In case, you have decided that you want installation of the new operating system, you can figure out first the one you are going to use. The system requirements in the mac operating systems support vary. Be sure in case you have the old computer, whether you can deal with the new operating system or not?

·         There are window installations that need 1 GB of RAM and also the hard disc space of 15-20GB. If you want the particular operating system to run, your CPU has to be powerful. Your computer should be able to accommodate. If the computer cannot accommodate, then you will have to install the older one like the Windows XP. 

·         Linux operating system does not need the space and the computing power like the Windows OS. There is variation of requirement that depends on the type of distribution one selects.

Deciding whether to download or purchase

One has to purchase the window license. Each license has a key that is good for one particular installation. Many Linux distributions are free as far as the download and installation is concerned. Some of the enterprise versions are closed and require a purchase. 

Software compatibility---do the research

The operating system that you are ready to install has to support the programs that are to be put in usage. In case, you are using Microsoft Office, you cannot install it on Linux machine. One can get the substitute programs but with limited functionality. 

You can also call on the toll free number any genuine 3rd party company for operating system support.

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